“My brother” Mixed media.


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“My brother” Mixed media. The background in this painting was first made with acrylic spray and then with brushes of different sizes. Many colors were used: purple, pink, cold gray, a little black and a little light sky blue. In the center we can see a portrait of the boy on the contrary, a little below is the portrait of a girl. We can see many, many different portraits, let’s call them different identities. We can also see some houses sketched with pastel pencils. This painting is special because it was painted in such a way which can be placed on the four sides. It is thought around the globe. This is the world, the whole world in one painting. So different profiles of different people. I dedicated this painting with a lot of meaning to my brother with whom I have a close and special connection started inspired, inspired by a few fragments of moments and a little more. Here each of us can find ourselves looking at the painting carefully and concentrating. Maybe there are few elements but that’s enough. They are very d Omethenes.


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