Fjora Vreshtazi


1- "Respect and diversity in Art" On January 21, 2010 - First Prize
2- "Albania is culture" May 2010- Certificate of Appreciation
3-"Artful BIOdiversity- a playful Encounter with Nature" On October 21, 2014- Certificate of Participation
4-"Painting at RSU" May 14, 2015- Third prize
Fjora Vreshtazi
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Fjora Vreshtazi was born on 19 October 1992, in the city of Vlora. After completing her first lessons at the "Musa Cakerri" elementary school in Vlora, she realized that she had a will and a talent for painting.

Often when she was little she would take colored pencils and start drawing. Then she competed in the artistic school “Naim Frasheri” for painting. During these years of artistic lyceum, Fjora received basic knowledge in painting. In January 2010, the American Embassy headed by John L. Wisher, along with all the art schools in Albania, organized a competition with the theme: “Variety and diversity in Art”. In this competition on 21 January 2010, Fjora wins the first prize in Albania. Fjora completed the University of Fine Arts in Tirana for 5 years in the Bachelor and Master cycle. Today she lives and works in England.

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