The tree of life

The tree of life presents today’s reality and a very beautiful life. Imaginary life in planetary beauty. Cities, roads, houses, different symbols show that the imaginary life on the planet is more beautiful than the one we live from a personal point of view. Sometimes we get tired of noise, of people, of the environment, of life, of different projects WHY? This question sometimes doesn’t get an answer, we get tired of looking for the answer. I brought this answer in the most beautiful way by expressing through brushes and abstraction.

I started from a moment, then from an event, arrived at an event and spent building the “TREE OF LIFE”. Much beauty, many colors, many details, many emotional starting points, many identities, many profiles you will see united in the warm and cold colors of two opposite lives. Sometimes I can’t find words to express my feelings. Peneli, my closest friend together with the calmness of the whiteness of the canvas, they show us that there is beauty, beauty in art, colors, colors of life, emotional release, release of feelings.

There is nothing more beautiful when you have everything in hand, there is nothing more beautiful when you have the opportunity to express all your ideas, the tree of life through colors. How beautiful it is to be an artist, how beautiful it is that all the work takes place, how beautiful it is when you express yourself through art. The whole world around your hand How beautiful when you have everything in front of your eyes! So…”THE TREE OF LIFE”.


Fjora Vreshtazi


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